Ethno Sweden 2014 was a great experience. Now we are all looking forward to Ethno 2015 - the 26th Ethno Sweden ever! 1990-2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the world´s oldest Ethno and that is something we will celebrate the coming summer. Be ready for some surprises!

The registration on this website is now open! Ethno 2015 will as always take place in Rattvik, Dalarna, this time between June 25 and July 3. Make sure you will be there for another magical musical week!

This anniversary year Ethno will be visited by nop other than the Swedish world music maestro ALE MÖLLER! He will join Ethno for one full day, teaching a tune or two and sharing some of his experiences as a professional folk musician. And then he will play with you on the festival gig at Rattviksparken on July 2st!

This will be something to put in your CV, right? Sign up for another great Ethno experience - and do it NOW! The sooner the better!

Check out the pictures from Ethno 2014 HERE! And here is a link to a lot of film clips on Youtube - playlist Ethno Sweden 2014!
Thanks to all the great participants and leaders, to our partners and sponsors and all the Ethno fans in the world! 


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20 May 2015 05:53 - Peter Ahlbom

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07 May 2015 12:46 - Peter Ahlbom

Nu är det klart vilken grupp Ethno Sweden skickar till Ethno i Kroatien i sommar. Det blir kvarte [ ... ]

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