95 participants from19 countries gave us a magical last concert at Ethno 2015. The venue at Rättviksparken was sold out, the concert had to be postponed for ten minutes, still all the listeners didn´t get in before Ethno started.

And the concert was a fantastic musical smorgasboard of delicate spicies from all over th world! Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia ...and the audience never seemed to get enough of the dishes!

Check out the pcitures at the pics 2015 page on our left side.

So our anniversary Ethno is over. Ethno 2015 will as always take place in Rattvik, Dalarna, this time between June 25 and July 3. We are happy to have met young musicians from Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Palestine, Iran, Kenya, Paraguay, Brazil, USA and India this year. Fantastic!

This anniversary year Ethno was visited by no other than the Swedish world music maestro ALE MÖLLER! He joined Ethno for one full day, he shared his musical experiences with the Ethno yioungsters and also shared the stage during the memorable final concert.

 Public concerts 2015:

  • June 27 13.00: Bulgaria, USA and Kenya performing at Café Nyfiket, Gammelgården, Rättvik.
  • June 28 13:00: Ethno plays a tune or two at the opening of the Ethno 25th anniversary photo exhibition at Folkmusikens Hus
  • July 1: Ethno performing at the opening concert of Bingsjöstämman in Bingsjö. Later that evening one Ethno group play at Tunet, Bingsjö and then the whole Ethno leads a dance workshop at the Bingsjö festival.
  • July 2 at 20:00: Full Erthno concert att Rättviksparken, with Ale Möller as guest musician.
There will be film clips published at Youtube - playlist Ethno Sweden 2015. Check out the pictures from Ethno 2014 HERE! And here is a link to a lot of film clips on Youtube - playlist Ethno Sweden 2014!
Thanks to all the great participants and leaders, to our partners and sponsors and all the Ethno fans in the world! 


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